Schön Stone's 2019 Trends to Watch

With ever-changing and constantly evolving technology and material options, it is now easier than ever to create a space that is representative of your personality and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. By watching market and design trends, Schön Stone is able to keep our product offerings fresh and up to date, giving you nearly endless options and combinations that can produce both traditional and modern styled interiors and exteriors. In the near future, we predict a continued increase in certain stone surfacing trends that you may already know, and a few new ones that are so eye-catching they are bound to explode in popularity. Continue below to see the trends to watch.

1. Explore New Materials

While everyone is aware of the benefits and drawbacks of commonly utilized materials such as granite, over-saturation and decrease in the overall price of the product has partially been the cause of higher-end projects looking for that “WOW” factor to begin reaching for and exploring less common surfacing materials. Nanoglass by Schön Stone not only offers nearly unmatched strength and durability but also features distinctive designs that come in a range of different colors.

Check out our more Nanoglass and luxury stone options by clicking the links here.

2. Seamless Surfacing

As consumers look for more cohesive design trends, seamless surfacing is an option that not only achieves the look of well integrated planning and configuration but, by getting rid of seams and grout lines, also reduces the areas where dirt and grease can collect. This makes it a far more sanitary install method over time than standard practices. The seamless look can be achieved on most projects with virtually non-porous solid surface materials, such as Schön Stone Quartz and Nanoglass, depending on the slab size and amount of material required to complete the project. Contact our sales office to learn more about our seamless install option.

3. Exotic Accent Pieces

For those who are looking to bring a little drama to a room or add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic space, accent pieces with uncommon shapes, textures and hues can enhance the appearance without compromising the integrity of your otherwise fully decorated space. Styles that are exceedingly profound or intricate will mean less is more in this easily followed trend. See some examples of the semi-precious stone vanity sinks we offer and accent wall cladding below.

4. Back-lighting

Want to take those same accent pieces to the next level? Back-lighting your wall cladding, counter tops and other accent pieces made out of materials such as onyx, agate, quartzite and other translucent materials (including our Nanoglass) will add depth and dimension to the look you are trying to create. This can be easily done by including LED light strips or panels underneath the stone and makes for amazing views of the different layers and facets as the light passes through the medium.

5. Wood Grain/ Textured Material

For those looking for surfacing ideas that stand apart from the standard stone appearance, materials with wood-like textures exhibit a natural and authentic feeling that is perfect for both interior and exterior applications, without the fear of the weathering issues that can arise from using natural wood. The grainy appearance also increases the intensity of the colors present, making it perfect for flooring indoor, such as stair riser cladding, and outdoor, such as pool decking.

Want to implement these trends in your next project? Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life!

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